01 September

London finds £11.5 million more for energy efficient buildings

Facing criticism that he is missing his carbon reduction goals, Mayor Boris Johnson has found an additional £11.5 million – most of it from the European Union – to retrofit London's buildings for energy efficiency.

27 August

Ikea invests in light sheet specialist Design LED

Scottish LED company Design LED, which specialises in flexible LED light sheets with embedded optics, has won the backing of retail giant Ikea.

22 August

Can social research improve lighting on London's housing estates?

London's housing estates are not noted for their inspiring lighting.

But the LSE believes lighting design, backed up by social research among local communities, can help.

21 August

Chepstow streetlight switch-off threatens drunks

Chepstow will soon become the latest British locality to turn off street lights during the wee hours, over the protests of taxi drivers who have provided yet another reason why it's a bad idea: They might run over hard-to-see drunks.

20 August

New material could slash LED costs

Researchers at Cambridge and Oxford universities have demonstrated a new way of making LEDs that could eventually slash manufacturing costs.

Lux Report

LIA Laboratories' new 'Verified' scheme aims to give specifiers confidence, by confirming that lighting products do what they say on the tin. Mark Salt, managing director of LIA Laboratories, explains how and why the lab is verifying the performance claims made by manufacturers.