31 July

University dorms going all out for LEDs, including changeable colours for bedrooms

Country singer Willie Nelson once wrote the lyrics turn out the lights, the party's over.

Not that he was providing advice on energy conservation. But if he was, his words would probably have fallen deaf on university students, who, at the risk of stereotyping, are probably not the most conscientious at such things, whether they're partying or not.

Now help is on the way in the UK, where a leading provider of student housing plans to upgrade all of its 120 residences with LED lighting in a £21 million, 2-year retrofit across 23 towns and cities.

30 July

UK antes up £34 million for university green projects, LED installations

The UK government is springing another £34 million into a university carbon reduction fund that has helped finance scores of campus LED lighting projects since 2008.

24 July

Businesses can bid for money to replace old lighting kit with new

A scheme allowing businesses to compete for money to fund energy efficiency measures has been announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). 

21 July

National Gallery tests how LEDs affect colour perception

An interactive experiment is under way at the National Gallery to test people’s perceptions of colour using a prototype tunable LED system.

18 July

Cash for lighting firms who bring manufacture back from China

The LIA and the Department for Business are urging luminaire and lighting equipment makers to bid for a share of a newly-released £100 million government fund.

Lux Report

UK Lighting bosses discuss product life cycles, warranties and verification at the Lighting Leaders South Forum 2014. Featured in this video: Ray Molony, Lux magazine Steven Davies, Lighting Industry Association Alasdair McRury, Holophane Richard Forey, Save Light Andy Guest, Lighting Industry Association Nigel Harvey, Recolight