12 September

Facility managers: 'LEDs top all energy efficiency measures'

Let's say you're in charge of energy use at the company and you want to take big steps to slash the bill.  Who you gonna call? A building insulator? A smart meter salesman? The most common answer is....

09 September

Kent Police oppose county's streetlight switch-off

Residents in Kent who oppose the county's ongoing late night streetlight switch-off have a new ally, as the police have branded the cost-saving move a bad idea.

08 September

Edinburgh lights up stairwells in historic tenements with modern LEDs

When you live in a private apartment block in Edinburgh, the stairwell lighting can be like an extension of the outdoor street lights in the sense that the Edinburgh City Council pays for it.

And so it is that the great British streetlight battle has gone indoors.

05 September

Protests mount against streetlight switch-offs, 'dangerous' LEDs

The great British streetlight debate raged on this week as more municipalities darkened the streets to save money while residents – otherwise known as taxpayers who pony up for public services that they expect to receive – lashed out against it.

04 September

LEDs top all bulbs in Which? test, won by company known for data storage. Huh?

Here's some advice for typical consumer confused about the relative merits of all those different light bulbs popping up on retail shelves: The best ones are LED, although not all LED bulbs are created equal, and the top performers still cost a king's ransom by conventional standards.